E.U. 2019 - The European Spring BEGINS

Stop apologizing White People! We have nothing to apologise for! Every race and culture was doing the same conquering and enslaving all through history. What has pissed people off is that White People did it better than everyone else. As soon as you go into “apology” mode you’ve been suckered and played. White Guilt?? Screw You!! Talk is over. Stand up white people and fight for your ancestors who fought and died to give you everything you’ve got. Stop the migration invasion, especially Islam, and take back your heritage and your countries. Wake UP! Rise Up!! A crusade is coming Islam – the likes of which you have never seen before. You have woken the beast. Your worst nightmares are about to come true. We do NOT fear you – we tolerate you. And we have had enough of your stink.

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