Jerome Corsi on Tucker

 Good evening, I’m still reporting on the coup. Failing to prove any sort of Russia collusion so far, Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller is now focusing his do-or-die crosshairs on Jerome Corsi and Trump advisor, Roger Stone and their attempts – or non-attempts – to be the first to get stolen emails from WikiLeaks. Now, I remember those times specifically. Any of us who post political news pieces on the Internet knew something was coming and would have been more than happy to be the first – or even one of the first – to publish them. But what Mueller is trying to do is to prove Corsi and Stone knew what was coming and tried to advise WikiLeaks when would be the optimal time to drop them into the public news arena. Uhhh, hate to tell you, but even if the Mueller version of events is true, it is not criminal activity, and WikiLeaks was NOT the Russian government. Now RT – that’s the Russian government. Tucker Carlson had Jerome Corsi on his show tonight. Very interesting:

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