The TRUTH about the "Triangle hand sign" Exposed!

Christ said to the Pharisees (the rulers of that time) your father is Satan. The new boss the same as the old boss.

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  1. the good news is that TRUMP IS HELPING AMERICANS TO WAKE UP AS EUROPEANS however it looks an impossible task, as what American’s should do is unite and revolt against TRUMP arms race, which he himself do not want but Jerusalem DC imposes on TRUMP/ so TRUMP IS TRAP he wants peace Jerusalem wants war, and trump trolls rather than understand, the facts follow the media. they keep missing the facts result things go from bad to worse.
    from Alex jones to the lot they do not understand democracy fail to understand facts and cry war when the leader who is a prisoner of congress and AIPAC, cannot do anything neither say what he really means. result troll is driving trump and the nation to total chaos. that is what divide to conquer is all about.

  2. trump is prisoner of AIPAC JRUSALEM DETACH AMERICA FROM ISRAEL AND YOU ARE HOME FREE. no other choice.


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