Putin Puts Global Elite On Notice

Putin and Trump working together to defeat the deep state globalists, people like Hillary and Obama,

Putin needs to find and destroy George Soros who is attempting to destroy the world with Communism.

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  1. I've thought, for a very long time, that Russia and America have the same goals - get rid of the NWO by beginning with 'the head of the snake'...and Putin probably is in a better position to do this, since Europe is Soros' 'home ground'. Even with Putin's history with the KGB, and ruthless background, I think he DOES care a great deal about his country and his people. Remember when he forbade microwave ovens, because he thought they destroyed the nutrients in food? And Russia is one of the very few countries that can actually HOUSE A GOOD PERCENT OF THE POPULATION in underground 'cities' in case of war. The US doesn't even have any designated 'fallout shelters' anymore, as they did in the 50's. Putin doesn't mind lining his pockets in the meantime - but he has said many times that (by inference) he considers the US's worst opponents as 'cockroaches' - for they are his opponents, also. It makes sense that the two leaders should work together to get rid of these giant cockroaches that are trying to take over our world. Putin is no angel - but his recent speeches have indicated that he is weary of Russia being the 'automatic villain' in world-wide politics. The US has been caught many times, red-handed with political egg (and greed) on it's face, also.


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