Economic Collapse Is Confirmed! China $35 Trillion Dollar Storm Cloud Of Debt 2018 Chinas Yuan Crash

 The most incredible video of the imminent economic collapse of China and a major stock market crash. China’s economy is not crashing, its worse than that. It is slowing and from an already weakened level. The Chinese system did not actually recover from the last economic downturn despite now three years distance. The latest Chinese economic statistics are for several of them the lowest in some time. When it comes to estimating China's total outstanding debt, there has long been confusion about the real number with most putting the debt/GDP at around 250%, while the IIF last year calculated China's debt load as high as 300% of GDP. "The potential amount of debt is an iceberg with titanic credit risks," China is holding about $35 trillion (241 trillion china’s yuan) in debt that we know of at present with an economy of $12.2 trillion (83 trillion china’s yuan). China already doubled its debt as a % of GDP in the previous 10 years, to do so again just to keep artificial GDP targets is foolhardy and a recipe for economic collapse. World stock markets will react long prior to this, let alone Chinas internal markets. Now the anxiety is increasing of the threatening economic collapse, dollar collapse and china's yuan crash. With this tremendous burden of debts, China will experience an economic collapse and recession.

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