Ron Paul On The MASSIVE Pension Bubble - "It's Tragic"

 During an interview Josh Sigurdson conducted with Dr. Ron Paul, the issue of the "everything bubble" came up and the fact that the global pension shortfall is set to reach 400 trillion dollars by the year 2050, being more than 4 times the world GDP. Dr. Paul said, "It's tragic, it's wicked, only a few are going to benefit from it." He went into the issue of keeping money in the bank, the problems of the fiat monetary system and how it makes the lives of retirees difficult. Let's face it, younger people are certainly not going to get a pension. Let's remember that people born in 2007 are set to live to 103 on average. That's about half of their life time living off of a pension, depending on banks and government and causing massive problems among tax payers. It cannot be comprehended. This bubble burst will end in massive poverty and there's no doubt it cannot sustain itself.

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