GERALD CELENTE - We Are At A Critical Point

Can you handle the truth? Most people can’t and world problems will never change until they can. Everything we were taught since coming into this world for the most part is a lie. The truth is out there for those wishing to find it. We live in a cause and effect world, so what your desires are can be yours if you put your energy behind it. History is a total lie (Here-story), the people in control worldwide and they are all the same group of people that have been erasing and rewriting history for a very long time. Anything written is suspect to being controlled information. The best way to control a population is to control all information being feed to them and then they become self policing (anyone who speaks out against excepted norms is ridiculed by the herd). We are taught throughout our life belief in authority and we have been feed false logic long before we could develop the skills to analyze the incoming information and discern between fact and fiction. Also we live in a consensus reality where lies are repeated over and over and we as society except them as truth, which is reality by consensus an agreed upon lie or lies. Let me just say this “the rabbit hole goes very deep” it will be hard for most people to wrap their mind around how totally fake everything we are taught is. The bigger the lie the easier it is to fool people. Imagine thousands of people working or involved in something on such a grand scale as say for instance “The heavy water experiments” which led to the creation of the atom bomb in the nineteen forties. Who would accept that as being a total lie? This is short list of major lies that can change your view of the world if you can handle it. We live on a flat earth there is no space as we know it. We live under a dome which I think is water over us. Ever wonder why the sky is blue? Next time you look at a partial moon during the day notice the area which is not visible “is blue like the rest of the sky”. The moon is not a solid object neither is the sun. If the earth was spinning at 1,100 mph why don’t we feel it? Or why if through something straight up into the air does it not land west from where I threw it? Anyway you tube has some great channels which give some good solid reasoning behind flat earth.All news is fake with the exception of some local news and this has been going on for a very long time. Some examples: the sinking of the Titanic, The JFK assassination , The OJ Simpson trial, Sandy hook, The Boston bombing. Let me just say they lie about everything to a point where it defies logic in my mind. Again You tube is good resource for learning, but beware most of the channels are setup to also deceive you. The best way I can put it is there are many layers to the onion and the people in control are masters at exchanging one lie for another.Fossil fuels is a lie which began around the 1850’s and started out by the discovery of dinosaur bones, another lie, as there are no such things as dinosaurs, but it laid the ground work for fossil fuels. All fuels we use today come from plants through processes of cold pressing to get oils and other means. I say other means because the best keep secrets are how everything is produced such as all our common everyday elements. This short video may expand your mind on how thing can be produced. You will have to watch it at home as You tube is a restricted site. Nuclear power is another hoax as I mentioned earlier about heavy water experiments. Also no such things as atoms or molecules and you will never see either. The 3 mile island disaster was another hoax to promote nuclear as being real. In short all the lies being promoted today have what are called “Back stories” these are used all the time to reinforce the main lies they wish to promote.Power plants are another big hoax and this is where things get deep. You see the idea that we need fossil fuels and nuclear power is to hide the mother of all cover ups “no not flat earth”, “Free energy” and it has been used all along, hidden in plain sight. My current state of learning is that many free energy devices were made to disappear back in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. I think most people of that era were illiterate and would not even notice or think about how such devices worked. The promotion of public education back then made it easier for them to control our thoughts and our reality, but it also opened up the potential for people to start to figure things out so they had to hide technology being used in people’s homes and work places before they were schooled. All our electricity comes from “power lines” not “power plants” it is all atmospheric electricity that powers everything and always has been. Ever wonder what all those power lines that run through the woods are for? or How come they are so tall? The higher up the greater the potential for electricity. As I mentioned before the bigger the lie the easier it is to fool people, they spend billions every year worldwide building or talking about building power plants, because they have to keep it in your mind’s eye that we need them. I can talk for hours on this just trying to explain what I’ve learned. Aaron Dovers You tube Channel is the best source for learning more about this and many other topics.We could all have cars that don’t require any liquid dinosaur juice. All gas turbines run on compressed air, also trains, ships, planes regardless of weather they have piston engines or gas turbine engines. No liquid fuel is consumed. Check out the specs. On gas turbine engines for any commercial plane and see what they state about fuel consumption, then calculate the weight and volume required to go a certain distance. It is not even remotely possible they can use fuel. Some of the rich people in the early 1900’s had cars that run on compressed air. The Walt Disney movie Chitty Chitty Bang BangReal science comes from observation and experimentation, not from a book. This is painful for people who have invested a lot of time and money to get degrees. The system promotes schooling to keep us in the box. Real education comes through critical thinking, something they hope you will never figure out. The science colleges today for the most part just regurgitate information in books, real experimentation stopped back in the 50’s & 60’s. You are supposed to except or not even think about the idea that all things in science have already been figured out and there is no need to look at or for new ideas and information.Wars are a hoax. Imagine going into combat, going on maneuvers, just traveling from place to place. Then stories circulate about this battle happening over there. What is really taking place are controlled demolition which you come across or even here close by, but never actually see. I’m not going to go on, on all these topics I’m just trying to inspire people to start to question and look into things.The legal system is all admiralty law, the law of the seas.

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