Catastrophic Tsunami Strikes Indonesian City Of 300,000 People

 A disaster has stricken the 300,000 people and vacationers of a city in Indonesia after authorities lifted a tsunami warning - giving the all okay - and telling people that things were safe. Striking the city of Sulawesi, a Tsunami crashed over the shore line after video showed a giant wall of water, gaining a white-capped top nearing the beach. Soon after the wave levels shoreline homes and businesses and crashed through the city as onlookers could only run for higher ground at the last moment. What is the moral of this story? Gather your own information for disaster preparedness. Do not rely solely upon the word of officials because mistakes can be made. If you like in an area that is near the shore, even if that area is not predispositioned to tsunamis, get to higher ground in the event of an earthquake. Have a go-bag ready and on hand. Take your family to higher ground when a near shore earthquake strikes.

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