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Who is George Soros and what is the Open Society Foundation? Diego Fusaro, philosopher and researcher, explains it to Byoblu fans. After 1989 a class conflict emerges: on the one side globalist forces such as powerful "big business" and finance lords, who envision the world as an Open Space with no borders and no rights, and, on the other side, the dominated class made up by old proletariat and bourgeoisie, who once used to be on opposite sides but are now brought together by their newly acquired state of precariousness in both living and working conditions, brought upon by the severance of sovereignty in their own countries and general decay of State institutions such as public education, health security, trade unions and family support. It is therefore very telling that George Soros' named its foundation "Open Society", symbol of a new international Global Class which aims at transforming the world into a single global marketplace with no borders, where goods and profits can transit unlimitedly, and where the new enemy is anyone who tries to resist by clinging on to traditional values and ethics. The new Global Class, of which Soros is but the best known representative, operates throughout the whole world and organizes in groups such as Bilderberg, aimed at maintaining their own power. This is no conspiracy theory: it's just the ruling class protecting its own privileges by limiting rights to their own advantage but to the detriment of the people through deregulation, unfair competition and by attacking political sovereignty, which, according to Hegel, solely can tame the " wild beast of free trade". These lords are waging a war against all the achievements of the middle class, whether bourgeois or proletarian: family values, public ethics and state sovereignty. The Global Class that Soros represents so well is winning this class war. Warren Buffet, the third richest man in the world, famously said: "The class war is on and my class is winning it".

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