RED ALERT -- Russia Sells 80% Of Its US Treasuries

Russia's been engaged in #PetroGold with China for years.

According to Jim Willie's connected sources, The Bush/Clinton Crime Syndicate including Robert Rubin stole almost all the gold in Fort Knox in the 90's and replaced some of it with gold plated tungsten ingots. In 1933, FDR paid the marks dumb enough to turn in their gold $20.67 , and when they had collected as much as they could, they raised the world price to $35. The profit, amounting to several billion 1933 dollars was put into a new and secret department of the Treasury named the Exchange Stabilization Fund, which made it the highest endowed institution on the planet at the time. It was used as a giant slush fund for all sorts of covert and criminal activities, and still is. Everything it does is classified above top secret.

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