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QAnon - Why I believe in Q? Mary MA #QStories #WeAreQ #9

we have been lied to for many many years even back when I was a child when our Gov killed family of the Lee,Grant,Tyler and one of my 6th great grand mother was the aunt of Daniel Boone...many many members of my family and I'm sure many of everyone's families were the people who first made America what it was and is today...starting around 1600-1800 all of our famlies came to America and formed our laws and made our new country the land of the FREE.I had members that fought in every war that America has had.I knew and know that America has had a lot of changes but everyone knows that there are only a few families that over the years has stold America and made their self filthy rich and will do anything and everything to take total control of the whole world and they have been working on this for many many years...I wish that I could thank Q personally for opening so many eyes in how these evil people have been operating and how its come down to the finale years of a total take over.They are the ones who are a cult who worship the devil,make sacrifices and turned our young people and children into the biggest business in world history..I'm so thankful that we finally have a very brave and caring President who loves America and will stand up to all the evil thats out there.There are still a large number of people who really believe that this is all about the Democrat and Repulican and I pray everyday that they can open their eyes and ears to see the truth in how they have been brainwashed..

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