How Can Trump DECREASE the US Trade DEFICIT?

China has violated every single stipulation in the WTO agreement which brought them into the WTO.

I must disagree with this one. Economy is an integral component of geopolitics. You can't really separate two. For example, saction against Russia. There are lots of political reason why Trump does not just want China to buy more American stuff. USA wants China to be fair global player. China steal IPs, technology, military secrets, and will drive competition out of business with unlimited capital support from communist party. They did this with Solar panels, automobile battery market and soon other high techs. China shut out foreign tech companies like google, facebook, and uber while letting its domestic internet companies like baidu, and alibaba to control the market. China has really been practicing protectionism for long time, and needs to change. And Trump admin is zeroing on this. China is not free economy. Its state controlled directed financed facist country, and as such, it represses free speech and freedom of its citizens.

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