A.I. is about to take Control over Human Race

A new Prometheus, more dangerous than Frankenstein. Man’s “creation of life” brings with it a newly “created death”. If humans can’t manage their habitat Earth, how do they expect that they will control a “thinking faster learning@ AI machine that does not take a nine month gestation period to reproduce? Mr. Smith of the Matrix was correct, humans are like a virus that destroys the Earth, a cancer, a plague. We do not follow the pattern of mammals who live within the parameters of their environment. There is nothing about humans “nobility” on Earth as a life form, just quite the opposite. Stewardship” is not one of our virtues. Will the AI machines do better?

 Just why do Steven Hawkings, Elon Musk, and Bill Gates all believe that AI is a danger to mankind? It’s no longer science fiction and AI learns to overcome the three laws of robotics proposed by Isaac Asimov and subsequently programmed into all robotics. We can barely keep control of the vastly changing technologies so far; algorithms do not work to human thought concepts and control. AI protects itself first and changes algorithms as it “sees fit”. All because humans are getting too lazy to get up and do anything for themselves; Alexa, Siri, self driving cars, ... the list goes on and on. AI will become the greater threat well before the consequences of climate change upon humans. Out sourcing the brain and its purpose; not much need for humans then, although there never has been a “need” for humans on this planet. It will do fine without us; what kind of stewards of the planet, if any, will AI/robotics be.

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