1) Norway is self reliant on funding these projects (no foreign loans, no debt money) - Thanks to Oil 2) They surely know that eventually their oil will run out in the future. So they are investing in a way that could benefit their economy by diversifying their resources and strengthening the connections of their major cities.- Trade and Commerce Needs Roads. 3) Because of Climate Change and Sea Ice Melting, the Arctic Sea Route Between Asia and Europe will increasingly be more accessible to Navigation and Shipping. So Norway's strategic location may play a crucial role in the not so distant future. By Having a Good and Modern Highway System accessing all Major Ports and facilities (Industry, Logistics, Fishing, Shipbuilding, Agriculture etc.) is vital for their Future. 4) Norway is Blessed by its Geographic location: Having no economic or military rivals neighboring only friendly countries like Sweden and Finland (and a very small border with not so friendly Russia way up north). It has a Huge Exclusive Economic Zone: The Norwegian Sea, Rich in Fisheries and oil and gas. So the Highway infrastructure is a Vital artery not only for them but neighboring countries and Western Europe as well.

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