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Beware: The Greatest Deception of All - Billions will be Deceived

The mark will be by chip in our hand, while the forehead will be Sunday worshipping the beast. I saw this explanation somewhere..Look the truth is its coming, what we have to do is not get a chip or be forced to Sunday worship..PRAY for understanding bc there's no more time to argue amongst ourselves. I believe The 4th Commandment is truly our seal of God as well as not being a part of the beast in any way...I'm a new believer but my heart told me right from the start that those commandments and our obeying them is what separates God's people and it's important to keep his days not man's Sabbath and God said it was Saturday Pope Constintine changed it from Sat to Sunday Not GOD who are we to obey? GOD bless us all to understand and always keep in mind God's laws not mans..

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