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Another Broken Promise: Trump Taxes The Internet

All the fighting between Trump and Hillary is staged to give the people the impression that they have an outsider in the White House fighting for them when in fact nothing is further from the truth. Trump is a stooge put there by the Rothschilds and quite frankly the evidence is overwhelming: 1) Is Hillary in jail already? Of course not 2) Did he fill his cabinet with Goldman Sachs crooks? Yes he did 3) Did he accuse Saudi Arabia of supporting ISIS during his campaign? Yes. Did he sell $250 billion worth of weapons to the Saudis once he became president? Yes he did. 4) Has he attacked Syria twice using a false flag as an excuse? Yes 5) Was the secretary of commerce Wilbur Ross a banker working for the Rothschilds? Yes he was. 6) Did the Rothschilds bail out Trump via Wilbur Ross in the 90's? Yes they did. 7)Was Trump a frequent visitor at Jeffrey Epstein's island? Yes he was 8)Did Soros invest in one of Trump's projects in 2004? Yes he did 9) Did Ivanka Trump date Nathaniel Rothschild before marrying Kushner? Yes she did 10)Did Trump appoint a Skull and Bones as secretary of the Treasury? Yes he did (Mnuchin) 11)Did he increase the tensions with Russia while he promised that he would have a good relationship with Russia during his campaign? Yes he did 12) Did gold start dropping at the very moment that he thanked Hillary Clinton during his victory acceptance speech? Yes it deed. 13) Have the markets been shooting up based on bullshit since he won the elections? Yes, they have Wake up people, this swine is a puppet of Rothschilds put there to fool you. Bonus video:

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