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Why America Is Heading For Economic Collapse And Worst Debt Crisis In History

 Today, America is nearly 70 trillion dollars in debt, and we are heading for the biggest economic collapse in history. The national debt is shooting higher at an exponential rate and no one can stop it. Top economists predict that within the next 12-18 months, the imminent economic collapse will happen. Usually most of the focus in on the national debt, which is now 21 trillion dollars and rising, but when you total all forms of debt in our society together it comes to a grand total just short of 70 trillion dollars. This is the biggest debt crisis in our history. Many people seem to believe that the debt imbalances that existed prior to the financial collapse of 2008 have been solved, but that is not the case at all. We are living in the terminal phase of the greatest debt bubble in history and economic collapse is imminent. Each passing day that mountain of debt just keeps on getting bigger and bigger… It simply is not mathematically possible for debt to keep on growing at a pace that is many times greater than GDP growth, and at some point this absurd bubble will come to an abrupt end with a major economic collapse and stock market crash. So those that are forecasting many years of prosperity to come are simply being delusional. Our current standard of living is very heavily fueled by debt, and at some point we are going to hit a wall and a catastrophic economic collapse will happen.

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