URGENT: Warning America’s Collapse- There Will Be A Financial Crash.. And Trump Will Be Blamed

Current and up to date news coming from around the world, watch all the top stories in one quick video. 2018, Current news, end times signs, end times events. Focus on end time news events in a nutshell. There are multiple warnings found in scripture and we are waiting for some to still come to pass. Receive up to date information as we endure until the end, JESUS is coming soon.

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  1. Fiat currency is like the old story of a genie riding on a magic carpet in this case the genie is the general public the magic carpet is our Fiat currency the dollar. I can see the elevation distance before the magic carpet "The Dollar" hits ground zero and wrecks. Now the only way I see this situation righted and the magic carpet does not bottom out which it is so very close to at present is to bring the carpet down on a foundation of gold as we once was as a GREAT NATION we once were dont get me wrong we are still the best and greatest country this world has and will ever see.


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