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The Origins of the STAR OF DAVID Examined

The Assyrian Origin of the So Called "Star of David" or the Magen David. Why the "Star of David" is pagan Babylonian and is evil This information should not be abused to wage hate against the Jewish people. There are good Hebrew/Jewish people who have accepted Jesus Christ as Savior. All races are of one blood and everyone descends from Adam and Eve and all peoples are created by the Same Almighty Creator. However, there are people in every race who have been deceived and led to accept pagan practices. Research shows that "Remphan" in verse 43 was an ancient Assyrian god (demon). The Hebrews forsook the True Creator and embraced the Assyrian gods including Remphan. This is in the Bible AND in History. The Star of David also known as the "Magan David" or the "Hexagram" is world known by witches and satanist as one of their OWN symbols. Notice on this link, the person sells satanic jewelry including freemasonry jewelry and the Baphomet and the Star of David (NOT always in a circle). six pointed star, 6 small triangles, formed 6 sides= 666 Two triangles. Triangles are symbols of Babylon. The so called "Star of David" is the actually the ancient star of Remphan, a pagan Assyrian god.

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  1. a pyramid & a inverted pyramid. or we can say on the other side of the spherical planet.


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