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Are CHINA and FRANCE fighting for AFRICA?

Almost half of the African content used to be a French colony. Even today we can still feel the French influence on this part of the planet. French military is present in most of the African conflicts, if not all, and Paris has a strong grip on the Governments of the former colonies. Even the currency of more than 15 African countries is linked to the Euro and controlled by France. Nonetheless, despite this strong political sway, the economy is a totally different animal. After centuries of colonialism, African countries haven’t evolved. And China is the ultimate trade partner of most of the sub-Saharan countries. Yes, France is sending troops to Africa but China is sending businessmen. And they are getting a way better profit with it. In this video, we will talk about the French influence in Africa and this new political battle between China and France to take the biggest advantage of African emerging powers.

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