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Judge Jeanine Revealed Democrats’ Biggest Secret

 Judge Jeanine Pirro is one of the very few people who dare to tell the facts about the situation in the country. When it comes to criticizing their dumb behavior and liberals she doesn’t shred words. It is sad how exactly people are willing to support his glorious ideas and President Donald Trump. This time she spoke about the government shutdown, and Democrats won’t enjoy some of it. Judge Jeanine used her Saturday opening statement on Fox News’ “Justice” to talk about the plan Democrats made to undermine President Trump. According to her, Democrats have been “stepping on” the President’s single-family anniversary along with the success he gained up to now. She noticed that their intention was to obstruct the entire thing. “To show you how mean-spirited the Democrats are, they’re shutting the government down over a bill that has nothing in it that they oppose. Obstruction is their assignment. The first year of his presidency is filled with accomplishments that are fine, and President Trump did job in the field of support and illegal immigration. And this was a simple ploy to step on the president’s inaugural anniversary,” she said. We understood that Democrats are up to something. President Trump’d never be supported by them.

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