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Dr. Joseph Chiappalone MD - Predictions Of 30 Yrs Ago Nearing

The only way to save humanity is to bring back traditionalism, do away with liberalism and modernism(cultural Marxism) we have left God and God has given us over to all unnatural things because of lack of belief look into the Natural law Only a man and women should be married to procreate the modern world is very sick turn to God this podcast is nonsense.Aliens will not save you only your creator God. 23:20 The day of purification in Catholic terms is called the illumination of conscience where God will show all human beings their souls as they truely appear before God ,it will cause great distress and terror and many saints will spring from the seeds of this day Our lady of Garabandal foretold all these things in the 1960's but many after this time (the great miracle)will forget and fall back into old habits as human nature goes so within 9 months the great chastisement from God will happen WWIII only if we worship God can we avert this reject these homos.transgenders respect the family unit love God, know that men is head of the family women is the helper reject feminism and know Jesus is head of the man God sent natural law as a guide for the free will of man and now we reject it with divorce/ abortion/gay marriage and destroy the family You have no right to destroy a body you alone did not create that contains a soul from God I truly fear the horrible wrath of God will be most terrible to behold Know this truth in your heart without God t

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