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ALEX JONES (FULL SHOW) Friday 5/11/18: QANON Compromised, The Internet, Free Speech

 Date: Friday May 11, 2018 Today on Infowars Live TV - The Alex Jones Show Friday, May 11th: Go MAGA Or Go Home - President Trump’s policies are impossible to ignore by his professional critics. Whether it’s bringing home American prisoners while facilitating Korean Peninsula peace or bringing black employment down to historic lows, Trump is going big, unlike Obama. Stateside, Trump focuses on the DHS chief’s performance over illegal border crossings while Pence calls on Mueller to “wrap up” his probe circus. Joining the infowar is political commentator Dr. Jerome Corsi to discuss his inside knowledge of the Deep State’s tactics to thwart Trump. Furthermore, First Amendment attorney Marc Randazza discusses the ongoing attack on free speech in America. Begin your weekend informed. Call and tune in now!

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