Thursday, April 26, 2018


 Recently I've become acutely aware of something that DEEP DOWN, WE ARE ALL AWARE OF. The fact of the matter is: WE DON'T KNOW HOW MUCH OF THE FICTIONAL STORIES WE CREATE ARE ACTUALLY TRUE. The act of of being creative is, in itself, touching upon the most inner wisdom- the most beautiful part of what makes us humans. Could our works of creativity also be the key that turns the door into the most sacred and ancient of forgotten human knowledge? I believe so, and I'm in hot pursuit of finding out! All of my research leads back to this fact: We (the human race) have been INFILTRATED at the highest levels of power by what appear to be interdimensional beings, for whom "TIME" and "SPACE" can be easily manipulated to satisfy their nefarious needs. "When" they came is no longer very relevant because our ORIGINAL timeline was changed instantaneously across time and space, at the quantum level. The answers are within us, but it'll take a lot of clever backwards-ingenuity to uncover the answers we seek. Let's put our heads together & figure this out! It'll be fun, kind of like coming up with a "fan theory" of your favorite movie after you've watched it a thousand times.

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