FINALLY, IT'S HERE! Extraordinary New Putin's Documentary THE WORLD ORDER 2018 - Full Version!

 You can look at three things with eternal admiration - how the fire burns, how the water flows, and how Vladimir Putin talks. Decent, educated, smart, intelligent, with a sense of humor and justice, with tact, honor and conscience, direct, simple, responsible and loving their people. The people feel Putin at the subconscious level-he is real and very natural, it can be trusted . Look objectively at other politicians on the international stage - they all clearly lack something. What is lacking is the fact that fully present in this man - courage, wisdom, knowledge, faith. President Vladimir Putin was sent to the Russian people by the Lord himself as compensation for all the suffering he had endured. He is the ruler of Russia from God, sort of God's gift to our people after decades of suffering. Verily , Russia under the auspices of the forces of Light!

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