Ann Coulter Responds to Omnibus Spending Bill

 Ann Coulter on The Mark Simone Show (3/23/2018) - 10 Insightful Books to Help You Understand What President Trump Is Actually up Against

NOTHING IS ADDING UP -- NOTHING! WE ARE BEING PLAYED FOR FOOLS -- while the public is more excited about their addictions, and their pet ideologies. We are on the edge of America being destroyed, while the Republicans are playng corrupt politics! IF President Trump does not VETO this financial bill and uses the military as an excuse to do so, then I will not have anything that he ever says to be TRUTH, all trust, and reliability, not to mention RESPECT will go out with more of our freedoms being curtailed as he allows a crack for the liberals to get through to destroy our second amendment and make each and every citizen vulnerable to the continuing -- REPEAT continuing influx of illegals in this country. IF this bill passes, I will have to, by evidence, come to the conclusion that Trump is a plant and all this drama has been nothing but smoke and mirrors to divert our attention from what is really being conducted -- the dismantling of our Constitution and the globalization of America into the biggest SHIP OF FOOLS sitting in between the Atlantic and the Pacific -- BUT the Bible has a lot to say about the End Times and how these times will play out before the tribulation . . .

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