After a Decade, the Truth About Barack Obama Goes Public!!

Only now we are learning how shady Obama was throughout his eight years in office. It’s clear he abused his power as president to protect his crooked party. Time and time again he used the federal government to persecute conservatives. He used the Department of Justice to shake down corporations and obtain settlement monies to directly fund radical liberal groups. He also used the Internal Revenue Service to target conservative groups and force more audits upon them. But it looks like things are about to turn for the worse for the former president and his cronies. His most heinous crimes are now coming to the public spotlight. Finally, a movement is happening that might bring these real criminals to justice, thanks to House Republicans. From Daily Wire: On Tuesday, House Oversight Committee members called for a new special counsel to be appointed to investigate crimes involving bias and FISA abuse at the Obama Department of Justice. Making the official request to the DOJ were Republican Reps. Trey Gowdy (SC) and Bob Goodlatte (VA), the chairmen of the oversight and judiciary committees respectively… “We believe that, in the case of certain decisions made and not made by the Department of Justice and FBI in 2016 and 2017, both an actual conflict of interest exists and separately, but equally significant, the public interest requires the appointment of a special counsel,” the letter continues. The letter cites the anti-Trump dossier, paid for by the Democrats and Hillary Clinton, as being strong evidence of bias at the FBI and DOJ, considering the fact that the dossier was never vetted and was a politically-motivated document which was used in court filings. For over a year we’ve had to put up with the injustice of Mueller’s “Russian probe.” There has been zero evidence to support the Left’s claim that Trump worked with Russia. But more and more evidence suggests that President Obama broke the law to spy on the Trump campaign. Hillary, the Democratic National Committee, and the Obama administration did everything they could to steal the election. They lied, cheated, and distorted the law. Yet Trump is daily attacked in the media as a criminal. Where is the justice? I guess if you’re a Democrat, you can get away with anything. Not anymore. The House Oversight Committee is doing what they can to make sure justice is served. Nobody is above the law. If politicians abuse their power, they must answer for it. That includes the Left’s golden boy Obama. Hopefully, we will see action on this letter. And a special counsel. And true justice.

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