G. Edward Griffin: The Next Revolution & The Red Pill Expo 2018!

Josh Sigurdson and John Sneisen sit down and talk with the one and only G. Edward Griffin, author of The Creature From Jekyll Island about the upcoming Red Pill Expo, 2018! In 2017, G. Edward Griffin organized The Red Pill Expo in Bozeman, Montana which featured speakers like Robert Kiyosaki, Lord Monckton, Joel Salatin, Cynthia McKinney, Mike Adams, Jeff Berwick and countless others. It was an unparalleled event that truly had a profound effect on the attendees and the speakers. The idea was that speakers would red pill the audience and other speakers on a subject they have a great level of knowledge of. This has potential to truly shape the world around us when powerful voices are met with other powerful red pills. Whether it be the monetary system, the markets, health, media, schooling, culture, conspiracy, self sustainability, politics, you name it, the Red Pill Expo has a red pill for that! In 2018, The Red Pill Expo will be held in Spokane, Washington from June 21st to 23rd with a possible breakout session day on the 24th. Tickets are available on their website which you can find by simply looking up the Red Pill Expo. G. Edward Griffin also goes into his thoughts on how the world has changed around him since he begun his journey into exposing red pills around him in the 1950s. The tides are turning folks. Do you want to make the waves bigger? Get involved! Stay tuned for more videos from Anarchapulco, 2018! 

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