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What does Q point out? (1) An Agenda...(2) Individuals who are part of the Agenda. Point: He gives schedules at times. It's Clear & Evident what he's looking for. All for the U.S. Constitution in Action. America First! Amen.

Search my heart Oh Lord; Make me to be as iron, that I may not bend from Your ways. I am the clay, form me to Your liking Oh Gracious Father, put me in the furnace. Burn off impurities that bind me to misery, sickness, sadness, and death. Oh merciful Father, rain down upon me Your Everlasting love in the refuge of Your sanctuary, the quietness of Your Everlasting Temple. Search my heart Oh Lord; Smash in pieces my foolish pride. Catch me away in Your whirlwind. Send to me Your Fiery Chariot. Carry me, into Your loving embrace. Search my heart Oh Lord; Refine this vessel, that it might bring You Glory. Shine upon me Your Glorious light, that it may shine out brightly into this darkened world. Search my heart Oh Lord; The brokenness of my heart is revealed to You my Father. Lies build up against me, as I seek Your Face. Turning Your children against one another. Who can know? Who can understand? Brokenness fills up inside me, sorrow I can not understand. I look only to you my forever loving Father. Search my heart Oh Lord; Rivers of living water, stitch together the wounds that cut so deeply. A broken vessel am I Oh Lord, fasten the brokenness, restoreth upon me Your Everlasting strength. Raiseth me up into the wings of Your sanctuary the refuge of Your mountain. Your high places Oh Father. Search my heart Oh Lord; Valleys of terror, shadows of darkness. Yet I fear no evil as You Oh Mighty Father, Oh my comforter, You dress me in Your Armor, building a fortress around me with Your Everlasting Might. Thou restoreth my soul. Search my heart Oh Lord; A Barron waist land, dried up, thirsting. Oh Everlasting Father, You open up floodgates of Living Water. They rain down upon me in the inner chamber of Your sanctuary. My cup runneth over. Search my heart Oh Lord; Make me to know Your ways. Teach me of Your Lovingkindness. Carry me from the darkness into the light. Break this vessel that it may be fastened together through Your Everlasting love. Search my heart Oh Lord; Uncover the words of Your book written upon my heart Oh Father, that You inscribed from the beginning. Make it known to me, that I may harken to Your calling. Search my heart Oh Lord; That which was once hidden can You now make clear. Chase away the darkness surrounding my heart. Cast off these chains keeping this heart captive. Search my heart Oh Lord; Oh Father, strip away from me this sin. For it separates me from You. Mercifully Father, through Your Everlasting love You sent to us Your only Son, that through Him we would be saved. Oh my Savior, Christ Jesus, You shed Your precious Blood. As Your hands, feet, and side was pierced. Search my heart Oh Lord; From the moment You entered the garden, Oh Lord, Thy Suffering. Oh blessed Savior, to Your last words on the cross You suffered. Search my heart Oh Lord; So in likeness does the body of Christ suffer. For Your children Oh Merciful Father, have suffered since the fall from the garden of Eden. Just as creation itself travails, so in likeness will my flesh tremble and quake. Search my heart Oh Lord; Father, it is You who searches my heart and cleanses it with the purity of Your only Begotten Son, the Blood that He shed on that one and only Glorious day. He is Risen Glory..........Glory.......... Hope is Alive And lifted up before your eyes. Hope is Alive. Fear not ye children of The Lord. For in thy suffering, our Fathers Glory is revealed. Praise be to His Name for ever and ever...

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