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BREAKING: "TSA Issues Emergency Alert On 5 Countries Cargo Planes"

World of Retro Gameplay north Korea loaded their human fertilizer up and are looking to unload. Butt missiles

...and it's Turkey who will nuke U.S. cities next week@
dianetzar erdogon the decoy antichrist wants to take back JERUSALEM...and U.S. has just said for a 2nd time, moving emmbacy to JERUSALEM...israels capital...hahaha... Turkey will start the 3 days of darkness on 2-2-2018 groundhogs day. Turkey is refulfilling battles from 1516 and 1517...and they refulfilled on August 24th 2016 the battle north of Aleppo of August 24th there's 2 battles left...January 22nd 1517 which today right now they're kinda refulfilling, but it's not Egypt. their final battle was January 22nd 1517 in Egypt...and on 2-2 Feb 2nd they will attack new Egypt , which is America... America is the new Egypt...and then they'll attack Israel by Feb 8th and refulfill the battle of Palestine in 1516 Oct 28th...get it...2-8...28th... you'll see!

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