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Alex Jones (FULL SHOW) Wednesday 1/17/18: News & Analysis, Fake News Nominations, Roger Stone

 Date: Wednesday January 17, 2018 Today on Infowars Live TV - The Alex Jones Show Wednesday, Jan. 17th: Fake News Awards! - We will be tweeting your fake news nominations and will go over the top 10 by the time the War Room begins! Also today, Trump is confident Dems will take the blame for the impending government shutdown. He tweets that border security & amnesty are the strongholds Dems are choosing to defend. Also, a historic agreement sees North and South Korea forming a joint Olympic team that will march together for the opening ceremony! And in domestic news, U.S. manufacturing output and stock market optimism are linked to the president's mission to making America great again. We'll take your calls on this worldwide transmission. Tune in!

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