Roger Stone About Stigmatizing Dissent, Firing Of Rosenstein And Awan Brothers

If Obama-Soetero was never a U.S. Citizen, aka birth certificates (at least one) proven to be fraudulent and his SS # taken from a dead guy who wasn't even from Hawaii, how could he be charged with treason? He must be an illegal alien.

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  1. Topeka, KS where Oabama was born is in the USA. and the elites all knew it But suppressed it. Topeka needs an Equal Justice Initiative for the lynching of his dad, Jim T Parks and two others who died in the attack that was to have lynched his mother and he unborn in 3/61 Jim fought back and Ann got free and ran for help. Now blood curse on the world for a cover up and no investigation or justice since them Plus attempt on my life in 5.61 when it became known my parents had gdnshp of my dad's 15 year old pregnant great niece. At the time of Rosa Parks funeral one reporter began sharing about her nephew in law and got stopped. This occurred on land under federal jurisdiction at the time and an FBI cold case to this day. my source is me and his parents.. Anyone care about the TRUTH? Linda Joy Adams


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