Breaking News ALERT , North Korea issues ,threat: 'We will make the US bitterly regret its strategy'

 We can not call NK ruthless and lack of humanitarianism while the USA threatens to kill civilians as it has in several nations. Cutting off baby formula to Venezuela by the US is also not humane to target children. Do US a tax on the rack in Libya also targeted human beings let alone take a look at the history of what the United States head down to North Korea including mass execution of North Koreans after the war and huge peds shooting them the Americans used agent orange and napalm on civilian population of North Korea what are you talking about humanitarian and every human rights and things when you yourself can’t even follow that your own standards. The reason you cannot follow your own standards is because they’re not your standards you do not live up to it you live up to it as an excuse similar to an abusive husband finds an excuse to beat his wife you are the world’s abusive spouse

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  1. from Alex Jones to Donald trump is just fake news on fake news forget Washington they love to have war rituals to kill their own children USA is a horror film a psychopaths dream. never trust Washington God brought you the devil to test you and it is called USA OF AMERICA ANIMAL FARM and you do have experience how any government institution, human being that believes in Washington is deceive, cheated and them destroyed from Cuba to Mexico from Vietnam to Afghanistan from Ukraine to japan, from Europe to Guam, America all it does is destroy. HITLER is one of the last USA home made toy's to destroy humanity. as the atomic bomb.


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