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What the Media Won't Tell You About Iran

Americans should be embarrassed and ashamed for allowing Israel to control their own government the way they do.

Iran hasn't waged war against another nation in over 250 years. The U.S is the global super power, no nation poses a threat against America, the shadow government is constantly beating the war drum, there is always some boogeyman for the average citizen to be afraid of. Do not believe any of this B.S North Korea is no threat to the U.S, Russia is no threat to the U.S, Iran is no threat to the U.S, no country in actuality is, people have to remember there are two oceans separating us from the rest of the world, our citizens are armed to the teeth, we would wage an insurmountable domestic rebellion. The only threat to U.S sovereignty is the evil wicked U.S shadow government, they have been hard at work to destroy our way of life from the inside out. Plz do not fall prey to the propaganda people.

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