How Digital Data is Evolving Documentary 2017

Do we really want knowledge to become a commodity? Sold to the highest bidder that then rents access to that knowledge? (When approved) Knowledge belongs to all of us. It is all "public domain". The only time control of any knowledge should be allowed, temporarily , is when it is necessary to recover the costs associated with discovery , and never , for profit. We are being gradually prepared and conditioned to feel that it is perfectly natural and logical for knowledge to be owned and controlled by the discoverer. The key here is to understand the difference between discovery , and creation. Discovery means , the knowledge in question always existed. To whom does it belong? Now, let's say it has never been possible to do something. Something that would , if it where possible , allow the developer of said knowledge , to perform a necessary function , valuable to all , that otherwise , could not be done. This is creation. This is the exception to the rule , that all knowledge belongs to everybody. Even then, the degree of monetization , should be regulated , and access be outside the control of the creator, if or when the creator ceases to be , or is dissolved , as the control of access is to important to the welfare of all , to be controlled by the few , particularly corporate entities only concerned with shareholders and controlling interests.

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