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WTH!?! Video of Stephen Paddock Alive AFTER Las Vegas Shooting???

 The Picture of him lying on the floor of his hotel room is NOT him because that GUY has no 13 tattooed on his neck! Check it out!

 I get a LOT of emails and messages of things people catch. This is one of the most intriguing that I though you all would be interested in taking a look at, so I throw this out there for your consideration and comment. Yes, there ARE people who look like other people. But what are the odds that this camera man video captures a guy who looks exactly like the patsy...uh...I mean..."lone wolf shooter"...sitting at a gambling table in a Casino? Keep those cards and letters coming. Not ONE of us is greater than ALL of us! My question is this...the guy recording obviously knew what he was doing when he showed the October 6th flier and then focused his camera on what looks to be a Paddock look-alike. Why wouldn't he walk up to the guy, ask him his name and ask him what he thinks about looking just like the most popular face in the news cycle for the last 4 days?

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