Saturday, October 28, 2017

USA vs N.KOREA (wwIII Scenario) | U.S Army VS North Korean Army/Military Comparison 2017

I don't think they are telling the truth on how many Military Ground,Sea,and Air that we really have. North Korea is about the size of Mississippi. A massive Sea and Air attack will cripple them. This video exaggerates the sizes of the Military. I see one article that says North Korea only has 1,190,000 ACTIVE Military Personal that includes Army,Navy,Air Force, etc. Just think back to the first Iraqi war,Operation Desert Storm – The Ground War. On February 24, 1991, after 39 days of a devastating air campaign, the U.S. led coalition began to liberate Kuwait and systematically destroy most of Saddam Hussein and Iraq's army, the 4th largest army in the world. 100 hours was all it took.The Air Force flew over 65,000 sorties during Operation Desert Storm and accounted for 31 of 35 kills against fixed wing aircraft. It's estimated that during the Air Campaign, coalition forces destroyed over 400 Iraqi aircraft, including 122 that flew to Iran, without a single loss in air-to-air combat.That was before we had the Technology that we do today. I honestly think that if it wasn't for WWII America would be behind with our Military. After WWI they thought that would be it and didn't build much on Military. WWII America had to start building things fast because we had dismantled a lot of our Military. Imagine 65,000 Sorties on North Korea with the Air Power we have today. If we did Hack into that Missile test that blew the Missile up right after take off just imagine what all we could Hack on NK and make them sitting ducks.

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