Facebook Goes Full Orwellian

Facebook Wants to Charge Publishers So That Alternative Media Is Hidden from Its User Base Ever since the defeat of Hillary Clinton in 2016, Silicon Valley firms like Google and Facebook – all of who backed Hillary Clinton and ploughed huge sums of money into her losing campaign – have been on a mission to try and marginalise and disappear alternative news content which runs counter to the mainstream party line. Now Facebook wants to charge publishers and businesses who want their content to be visible in the site’s News Feed section. This latest move by Facebook is a continuation of a pattern of corporate-fascist behaviour designed to kill-off dissent and alternative sources of information. This also raises a few important questions: Q: Doesn’t this amount to censorship? A: Yes. This is a clear case of corporate censorship by stealth. If Facebook is allowed to pull this off, then only large corporations, start-up and foundation-funded media outlets will be able to afford to pay to be seen Q: Has Facebook done this before? A: Yes. When FB introduced its ‘Boost’ feature on fan pages in 2015, organisations like 21WIRE were then forced to pay Facebook money per post in order for that post to be seen by people who ‘liked’ our 21WIRE Facebook page. Even though we have over 30,000 organic likes, we must pay Facebook a minimum of $10 per post for our content to be seen by roughly 1,500 to 2,000 fans of our page. So essentially, it’s been quietly running a pay-to-play swindle for years now. Source: https://prepareforchange.net/2017/10/...

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