THIS Is The Video The US Government Does NOT Want In The Hands Of The Population.. (2017-2018)

"Known to be extra terrestrial" bullcrude It's probably demonic of some sort, just because their technology is advanced doesn't mean they traveled such far distances (which isn't possible)

Space is fake, God is real, show me one real picture of outer space, I'll save you the trouble, you cant. If you think our government cant pretend to be "alien"(demon) ufos then you are an idiot, space is not real, there is a firmament above us, the shape of the earth is not publicly "scientifically" known, but the bible says its 4 sided with 4 angels, sorry but I'll believe the bible my creator made for us to read and follow, before any scientism priest, research the north pole flat earth, its the cradle of mankind the center of Earth many of us are being called back for some reason, dont fall for this stupid outer space, alien bs its to distract us from the center, dont believe me tell me why all compasses point north? Why doesn't it point both south and north if we have two magnetic poles supposedly, wake up people, pray to god for the truth

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