Sunday, October 29, 2017

Oil rules the world Documentary

 The World's Biggest Oil Companies Dominating the World Economy Full Documentary Currently, it is a fact that many of the world's leading oil producing countries are either politically unstable or are at serious odds with the USA. In the past, a country's military was the sole arbiter of her strength, but today it is the economy that has become nearly as important and all industrial economies and militaries both run on oil and gas. The current world financial turmoil has created more insecurities than ever before. This paper focuses on the current geopolitical issues underlying the oil supply in the world. The US and China desire those resources to fuel their power plants, factories, automobiles, aircraft, and armored vehicles. Iran and Russia want the pipelines to go through their territory in order to claim transit fees and use the resources as political tools. The recent political development in Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Yemen and other small Arab nations has given another twist to the old geopolitics in the region. This paper analyzes the factors that make and break international relations between countries with regard to oil supply. In this context, the paper also examines the position of India vis-à-vis the changing scenario in the geopolitics of the world.

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