Mysterious Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamot may have never disappeared!

Why does anyone ever mentions WHY governments and bankers can't control/regulate Bitcoin. WHY? Its because they don't want people to know why, if they did, people would never allow to have Core limit the Bitcoin capacity and sell as a user car salesman, this completely different centralised system they call Lightning, to be used instead for mass adoption. Bitcoin can't be regulated because miners are not acting as money transferring entities, they act as record keepers. The Lightning works no different to how existing banking system works, in that it uses Proof of State and Hubs (which are by definition of network, centralised points in the network) and these Hubs, unlike miners, do act as money transferring entities. This is what the banks are waiting for now, and why Core, working for corporation Blockstream, that is heavily funded by AXA, are preventing Bitcoin scaling and why they created SegWit (which broke Bitcoin protocol) and why they are working on Lightning. To anyone that is interested about this more, see my humble channel where I made few videos on the subject (there are no adds, I am not asking for donations or subscribers or likes, I don't care about those, as I am not about entertaining and earning some money from videos but about telling the truth and letting people know what is actually going on in the background). PS: If all world was to accept Bitcoin and use it, Satoshi (or his offspring) would be most wealthy people on the planet, but he could not just off load all of his coins quickly, that is just not possible.. also by the time everyone would use Bitcoin, you could not sell it for fiat any more, as fiat would be gone by then and Bitcoin would be the system of the world, so there is nothing to 'off load". This also shows how the commentator still thinks in the existing fiat system terms... the whole point of Bitcoin is to EXIT the existing monetary system, as its shit, its systematic scam and theft of people's funds, the bankers and the governments all over the world are in cahoots and corrupt to their core... and they need to go... this is what Bitcoin is for... not to make someone rich in fiat money terms. Those that support this transition from fiat to Bitcoin, get rewarded for it, those includes miners and users, as each provides something valuable to the system, miners run it and protect it, they give it security and availability, and why they get rewarded for their work, etc, and users get more purchasing power over time because they transferred their fiat money into Bitcoin system early... as the more you do it, the more you are later rewarded for it. Bitcoin is self feeding and self sustainable system, because it uses human greed to support itself, and its working. Bitcoin also can't be controlled, Core/Blockstream are trying very hard but they didn't succeed, as any time someone tries it, the good supporters of the system, simply create a fork, and go on their own way, sustaining Bitcoin principles and Bitcoin never dies... this is what Bitcoin cash did, and also FYI... Bitcoin cash is the real Bitcoin now because it uses all original workings of Bitcoin, while Core's SegWit does not... and Lighting is a completely different system altogether.

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