Saturday, September 30, 2017

TRUMP TAX CUTS ARE FOR THE MIDDLE CLASS - More Money In Peoples Pockets = A Better Economy

 We want to help you realize these goals by rolling back burdensome regulations, and you people are regulated probably as much as almost anybody,” Trump said. “We have a regulatory morass that’s a disaster.” “Lowering the overall tax burden on American business is big league, that’s coming along very well,” the president stated. “We’re way ahead of schedule, I believe. And we’re going to be announcing something — I would say over the next two or three weeks — that will be phenomenal.” swiftly on legislation to overhaul the country’s tax code, urging them not to wait until the end of the month. “Republicans must start the Tax Reform/Tax Cut legislation ASAP. Don’t wait until the end of September. Needed now more than ever. Hurry!” Trump wrote on Twitter. raise the nation’s debt limit. historic tax plan that many Americans will appreciate. Tax cuts for the rich masquerading as reform will only make it worse. I need you to help me fight for a tax code that puts working families back at the center of the economy.” signed a letter saying that they won’t support tax reform that lowers taxes for those earning in the top 1 percent of income, and a number of liberal groups launched a campaign last week called Not One Penny to fight tax cuts for rich people and businesses. tax "tax code" accounting salary "middle class" taxes income "income tax" "tax refund" work job savings VAT "VAT refund" plan usa america u.s. "united states" finance investment paycheck pocket bank banking "bank account" family spending holiday vacation life lifestyle "tax planning" "small business "tax cut" 2017 2018 accountant "tax returns" "offshore business" corporation negotiate "sales tax" shopping sale business gold silver bitcoin future "savings account" Republicans will unveil sweeping changes to America’s tax code Wednesday in a proposal that dramatically lowers taxes on businesses and many households but remains silent on thorny issues such as how to pay for it all. The framework—a joint product of the Trump administration and Republican leadership—calls for lowering the corporate rate from 35 to 20 percent. It would also bring down the rate for so-called pass-through businesses to 25 percent; currently, they are taxed under the individual code. f Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac do not make their sweep payment to the Treasury on March 31, the two mortgage giants can begin rebuilding their capital base which protects taxpayers from ever having to bail them out in case of an economic downturn. In the same executive order that President Trump signs to end the Net Worth Sweep on March 31, he can also remove the “executive privilege” American Dream of home ownership because without Fannie and Freddie, no U.S. underwriter has been willing to offer the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage that millions of first-time home-buyers need to be able to both make the required down payment and afford the subsequent required monthly mortgage payments.

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