Saturday, September 30, 2017

Russia Close to Banning Facebook- Google could be next

I think Putin has the right idea, he doesn't take any shit and he has respect, and why do you think he's going to bring war to America, America is going to bring war to America, they fkn haven't stopped threatening other countries and going to take their leaders out, Listen and Think if you can, do you not believe other countries have a right to defend itself and people or should they roll over and take it, or do you believe only America has that right, How many wars has America and it's British counterparts started, America has never won any war, not one but it has started many with no provocation from anyone, How long would America let another country threaten and provoke it and a few million Americans be slaughtered by bombs, I don't think they would take it and the people would be out in millions telling the government to do something and strike back, they would demand revenge and that's the natural reaction to take, so I will ask again, how much should any other country let themselves be threatened and provoked before they retaliate, you can't go around threatening every fkn country and not expect to be hit back (America usually do it themselves and blame someone else), America and Israel who really own America anyway would deserve to be hit back, I don't think the people even realize how hated their country is, nobody likes bullies and warmongers, so just a suggestion Stay the fk outta other countries and invading them or shout about how evil a place is for cutting heads off, they then dine with Saudi prince's and kings, I think that is total hypocrisy, no doubt I will get the trolls after me and calling me whatever, I don't care if I see something wrong I'll say it, from where I'm sitting the solution seems pretty clear, don't do to other countries what you don't want done to yourselves, it now looks inevitable that something is going to happen in America and the only ones to blame for it is TPTB, the Shadow Government, The Deep State, WH, Bilderberg group, CFR, Don't start a fight and not expect to be hit back.

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