Ken O'Keefe - North Korea is All Smoke And Mirrors!

Thank you Ken O'keefe for courageously speaking out to raise awareness. Awakened and conscientious people of good will realize that, unlike what our government and its minions want the country to believe, you are a true patriot and a champion for humanity on this planet. You are living testament that we do not need to accept and support war and destruction in order to demonstrate loyalty and love for our country. May God help you to continue your efforts to move us towards a just and peaceful world by exposing truth with clarity and conviction, and in doing so, helping others realize that humanity’s ills are caused by a handful of deceitful imperialistic governments ‘owned’ and manipulated by malevolent, insatiable and inhumane entities that are intent on profiteering from the chaos and destruction they create behind the scenes, all at the expense of humanity and the planet.

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