Thursday, September 28, 2017

BREAKING NEWS TRUMP : Hannity 9/28/17 , Speaker Paul Ryan ( Tax Reform , ONE - ON - ONE )

 The sick left used Saul Alinsky rules for rads techniques. Look into these techniques people for they accuse others for what they are actually doing themselves. H.Clinton did her thesis on this person's twisted thinking and the masses are seeing the sick mindsets and these Dominos will fall one by one... Just don't get caught up in the drama people. The cabal is on their way out and will be their own downfall, as we are seeing thru their divide and conquer tactics... Those creating conflicts under the groups that are composed of youth and young adults whom are being paid large sums of money from Soros which is classified as terrorism and these people need to be arrested and charged with treasonous acts. Accountability for ones actions and reactions is primal...These sick people need to be found accountable along with those politicians whom are so sick in their minds.

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