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The Next Financial Crisis - Documentary

we're getting literally mind-controlled here! and these "bubbles" are just more circumstantial evidence for the invisible wireless mind control being used here. it wasn't "irrational exuberance" it was full-blown mind control! it wasn't a "psychic illness of the masses" it was full-blown mind control! Bush for one wasn't that naturally stupid, it was full-blown mind control! technology is used in the application of mind control, go figure! and they input into us some of what they already have and use in military mind control applications. I don't have to and I'm not going to listen to any of this. the brain itself is a receiver and the mind is along the same lines as radio and TV; your brain receives audio, video and wireless inputs. maybe you have cable, but you can still pick up TV with an antenna. and our brains are picking up something too! totally mastered by advanced EMR! don't get deceived by smart geniuses like Peter Schiff either. seemingly smart people will tell you this is not true when it is because they're fully mind-controlled and artificially intelligent.

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