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The End 2017...Watch this video before it's too late, What happened.

The Illuminati like to show us their plans in movies before they do it. If you're informed about what's going on in this world, you know scientists have predicted major earthquakes. The increasingly unstable Cumber Viejas volcano could dump a chunk of land the size of the Isle of Man into the ocean, triggering a mega - tsunami with deadly consequences. New York, Boston,and Miami could all be struck. Scientists also expect Pacific Northwest Tsunami along the Cascadia faultline. That would include California, which they believe a large part will break off into the ocean, & the Seattle, Portland area. Scientists say it's way over due. Yellowstone volcano is ready to erupt. It's so hot it's melting roads in the park. Some guys dog that was used to swimming there, jumped into some water and it scalded him to death. weird things happening all over the world. The Islamists invading pretty much every country in the world. The bible tells us Jews & Christians will be beheaded. Anyone that won't convert to Islam will be beheaded. Satan knows his time is short, that's why things are heating up all over the world. The bible tells us it will be as the world is having birth pains. Natural disasters will become more frequent. Satan wants to take as many souls to Hell with him as he can, before they can be saved & know Christ as their Savior. It's the end times. If you want to have eternal life with our loving heavenly father, ask for forgiveness of your sins, accept & acknowledge that Jesus (Yeshua) died for your sins. There is No other Way to be with Heavenly Father for eternity. Pray this prayer & seek to know our Lord and Savior. "Heavenly father, I know I'm a sinner. I know no man comes to you except by your son Yeshua who died for the sins of the world. I believe Yeshua died for my sins. Please forgive me of my sins, in the name of Yeshua. Please fill me with your Holy Spirit. Give me discernment. Please draw me near to you, & walk with me. Please help me spread the good news of salvation to others, so they may be forgiven and come to know you. "When you pray end your prayer in "Jesus" name. Get yourself a King James Bible & read it & pray & ask Heavenly Father to fill you with his Holy Spirit, then you will have discernment. Try to find christian friends, brothers & sisters in Christ that love Yeshua. Get prepared for what's coming. Don't take the "mark of the beast." which is probably the RFID chip. The bible says you can't buy or sell without it. The bible says if you take the mark of the beast, or if you deny Christ (even if you're being threatened by being beheaded you will lose your soul. You must be faithful unto Yeshua and the one true God unto death. If you deny Christ to save your earthy life, you will lose your soul. Our time on this earth is like a blink of an eye compared to eternity. The bible says : Matthew 25 For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it. Yeshua died a horrible painful death for us, the sin of the world was a horrible burden, but he loved the world so much he sacrificed his life so that we can be forgiven and have eternal life. Be prepared to die in the "name of Jesus Christ". Jesus warned his prophets of these things that would happen in the end times. Pray always & ask God to teach you what he wants you to learn. The Gospel is sharing what God did for us through his son Jesus Christ. Christs sacrifice for us (his death, dying for the sins of the world), so we could be reunited with our Heavely Father for all eternity, a Free gift to all that will accept it & live for God. We are to spread the Gospel to others, so that they can be forgiven in Christ & accept him as our Savior and so they may also be reunited with heavenly father. We have hope. We have an eternal future to look forward to.

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