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There are some political positions that President Donald Trump has said he stands for that I can agree on. There are other areas of his political views that are highly questionable. In this video, I take a look at 5G, the connection to the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, and what Donald Trump plans to do with the tech as part of the innovation in his pursuit to #MAGA. There is also a possibility of #pedogate being part of the overall equation as well. While they seem separate, there are highly concerning connections to all of these topics. The problem with 5G and the potential dangers to our health have been scientifically demonstrated. Yet, there needs to be more transparency in addressing these health concerns, which I document in the video. However, as Tom Wheeler of the FCC announced in June of 2016, their mission is to more or less, “make America great again,” in the industry and innovation of 5G, just as the US were leaders in the 4G revolution. Will Trump recognize the health concerns and risks involved with 5G and hit the breaks on the roll out? Or will he push the technology ahead and encourage innovation, job creation, and building infrastructure in the quest to #MAGA?

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