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How Long Have They Really Been Listening In?

The idea that your government has not spied on the citizens since they were able is amazingly naive

I would prefer to refrain from mental contortionism as a daily coping method, due to unwarranted paranoid criminal behavior perpetrated by the govt whose sole purpose is to work for the people they continuously assault and infringe upon the rights of. The current system confiscates tax prepayment in installments by percentage of every paycheck, from everyone forever and ever, and I find it a little imbalanced due to the absence of benefit or duty performed in return, and that it removes our best tool for leverage in negotiating remedies for any and all grievances. If we are being coerced into paying the predator for the privilege of being brutally screwed, and our participation is enforced by threats to fine, penalize, and even prosecute and/or imprison us if we refuse to comply...?! Isn't that extortion?! It's mafia "protection" 101, and I think any reasonable person would identify with the outrage and rebellion that I feel in response. So my answer is no. No, I do not cynically expect to be a battered citizen or victim of federally mandated psychological abuse and human rights violations because our political class has a mutated delusional version of reality, and subsequently clump into herds of useless looters that can't resist the chronic urge to fuck us every which way from Sunday. No, I don't consider it naive to expect the members of our government to remember the laws they wrote and/or the law they successfully practiced as a profession, AND obey the law. Yes, I expect them to have respect for the seats their fat asses occupy, and who those seats represent. Yes, I expect them to serve their terms with dignity, integrity, and respect for the rule of law. Yes, I expect conduct resembling moral decency from people who expect me to acknowledge and respect them as a "moral authority". Yes, I expect the boundaries by which we separate ourselves from beasts to be willingly and dutifully obeyed, and yes, I expect these parasites of society to feel a moral obligation to let me mind my own business without intrusion, invasion or infringement. Phew, that struck a nerve. In conclusion: What I would consider naive is a body of congress or a community of 3-letter agencies, who deem themselves fit to micromanage every aspect of life for the rest of us, to then expect the public to allow a separate standard under the law for them.. Ain't happening. The silver lining is that the massive web of surveillance has served mainly to incriminate themselves and each other.

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