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David Icke talks to Alex Jones about ISIS

The House of Windsor are one of the most evil and satanic bloodlines. They are involved in human sacrifices, mind control, satanic ritual abuse, cannibalism, drinking blood, bathing in blood, human trafficking, opium trafficking, terrorism, money laundering, and war profiteering. Prince Charles claims to descend from Vlad Dracul or Vlad the Impaler and owns Vlad the Impaler's old castle in Transylvania. Vlad Dracul was known for being sadistic and tormenting his victims. Queen Elizabeth II takes her name from the Dracul's cousins the Bathory family and Elizabeth Bathory who was a serial killer known as the "Blood Countess" and she bathed in the blood of hundreds of young women. The House of Windsor run the Order of the Bath which is really named after the Bathory family. The House of Windsor have a harp on their coat of arms. They have authority over the USAF's HAARP which is radiating the atmosphere with electromagnetic waves and is used for mass mind control and weather manipulation. Wind-sors like wind and tornadoes. The House of Windsor are funding and running satanic cults in the United Kingdom and United States and these cults are involved in mind control, satanic ritual abuse and human sacrifice. The Windsor family also manage the Skull and Bones secret society at Yale. Yale was established under the British Crown's authority and Crown Colony. Skull and Bones is a military council and death cult in the United States managed by the Bush-Walker family. George HW Bush is a British Knight of the Order of the Bath and serves the Windsor family. The Gulf War, Afghanistan War, and Iraq War occurred under the Bush family. The Windsor and Bush-Walker are controlling the opium production in Afghanistan which produces the majority of the world's opium since the US invasion. Their opium operation is a continuation of the British Crown's East India Company which controlled the opium trade. They currently sell it to pharmaceutical companies and the rest is sold on the streets and cut into heroin. The British Crown, British Peers and other royal families in Europe are doing business covertly from the City of London Corporation to conceal their ownership over many corporations.

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